About Feather Hair Extensions

The skinny on our feathers.


Our feathers are washed with a 100% inert (non-toxic) detergent, and then dyed with an organic, mineral-based dye. Colours may vary slightly from pictures. Due to the variation of our natural feathers, color may vary.


Fine Featherheads are the Original Feather Hair Extension. Original Featherheads are our top-selling line consisting of four feathers bonded at the tip to create one beautiful hair extension, ranging in length from 8 to 12 inches. Our hair feathers come in a full spectrum of colours—from subtle and natural, to playful and wild—and variety of lengths—from 3 to 16 inches. These feathered hair pieces can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled (up to 450°F). Basically, our feathered hair extensions can be treated like your natural hair.


What makes our Featherheads stand out?


Well, they’re effortless to install. They’re reusable. All natural. High-quality. Hand-crafted. And our patent-pending technique of bonding the feathers means they remain in place longer — for up to two months depending on how well they’re cared for. To get your hair stylin’ with Fine FeatherHeads, find a salon near you.